Dos Palos Police Department

November 24th

Another Parolee at large in custody

Dos Palos Police Officer Joe Green conducted a vehicle stop in the area of Blossom Street and Erskine in the City of Dos Palos at approximately 5:00 p.m. In the vehicle was Jorge Ortiz Ramirez aka Dreamer 30 years of age. Ramirez is a known gang member and was wanted by the California Department of Corrections for Parole violations. "They should learn that Dos Palos is not the place to hide when you are running." This is the third Parolee at Large taken into custody by the Dos Palos Police Department in as many weeks. "We are making an all out effort to work closely with Parole agents to keep these chronic offenders in check. With realignment being the obvious burden that it is, we must turn up the heat to protect the public."

You can report wanted persons to the Dos Palos Police Department at 209 392-2176 or

Dos Palos Police Department

Press Release

November 24th, 2011

The investigation began on November 20th after a local citizen reported a vehicle stolen from the 1900 block of Merced Street. Officer Donavan Sizemore was able to develop a lead regarding the stolen vehicle and its location. He shared it with Detective GUTIERREZ who located the structure in the 19000 block of Reynolds Ave. Chief Mann and Officer Joe Green joined Gutierrez at the location and detained a female who was seen exiting the structure that the stolen vehicle was being concealed in. In side the structure officers located the stolen vehicle that had been stripped to the frame. Chief Mann was with his canine partner Scar. After Scar cleared the structure Chief Mann took him out for a needed break. He noticed a behavior changed in his partner. Relying on his partner he gave Scar his locate command. "He pulled me to a tire stack that was covered with a tarp. He was making had definitely located something hidden within the stack of tires. After giving a canine deployment announcement just prior to releasing Scar, Suspect Steven Russell Smith aka Powder announced his presence and came out of the tire stack. Officer Green took the suspect into custody. Smith denied any knowledge of the stolen vehicle and denied going into the structure. Investigators were able to match shoe prints from Smith's shoes in the shelter. It was learned that Smith was a Parolee at large after a warrant was issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on November 18, 2011. Smith was booked on charges of Theft of a motor vehicle, Possession of stolen property, and a parole violation. "This is Scars second apprehension since he partnered with Chief Mann in March of 2011."

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